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Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

Technology advances in surgery mean that there are new methods to shape and cut through the nasal bones, aiming for both improved precision and a more gentle intervention of the tissues.

Ultrasonic instruments are a recent addition to a rhinoplasty surgery and are also commonly referred to as piezo surgery.

The technology behind the technique involves use of ultrasonic waves that produced micro vibrations at the tip of the instruments. When in contact with the bone, this effect produces a fast erosion and will allow shaping or cutting through the bone with high precision.

The ultrasonic frequency used for the treatment makes it selective for impact on the bone rather than soft tissues and has a high level of protection for the soft tissues.

Apart from accuracy in cutting shaping the nasal bones the technique is associated with decreased bruising and sometimes decreased swelling after surgery, making the recovery more comfortable.

The technique has become more popular with rhinoplasty surgeons, but at the same time manual instrumentation has also developed to increase precision and reduce bruising and swelling after surgery.

When choosing a surgeon for your procedure, it is important to see beyond the technical aspects and decide whether you are happy with the discussion you share with the surgeon, and their surgical outcomes, since good results can be achieved with a variety of approaches.

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